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The food celebrates the museum and for that it is an essential part of your visit. If you are looking for the ideal place to enjoy your visit in Innichen and the Dolomite Mountains our home should be on your to-do list. You can enjoy the best coffee, cake and snack while diving into a world 240 million years ago which tells you the stories about the oldest plants on our planet and the evolution of our flora. You encounter a cultural lesson while also enjoying the beauty Innichen has to offer. A visit here can easily take you to up to one day as there are infinite magnificent elements to discover.

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Botanic Botanic

Botanic Botanic

Botanic Botanic

Botanic Botanic

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DoloMythos - Encyclopedia

Eusaurosphargis dalsassoi. A new and important reptile discovery made by Michael Wachtler in the Braies Dolomites

Dolomythos - Underground Christmas Market

Megachirella wachtleri
The history of discovery

The origin of angiosperms

Unesco World Natural Heritage
The Dolomites

Megachirella wachtleri
the ancestor of snakes and lizards

The First World War
in the Dolomites

New Discoveries
Fossil Plants, dinosaurs


Dolomythos - Museum
P.-P.-Rainerstr. 11,
I-39038 Innichen (BZ)
VAT ID IT02608410219

Tel. +39 0474 913462
Fax +39 0474 913092

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DOLOMYTHOS - Schatzkammer der Dolomiten
P.-P.-Rainerstr. 11, I-39038 Innichen (BZ)
Tel. +39 0474 913462 - Fax +39 0474 913092 - info@dolomythos.com - www.dolomythos.com
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