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DoloMythos - Did you know...

Michael Wachtler

Did you know Did you know... that in the last years, thanks to the research of DOLOMYTHOS, more than 100 plants have been discovered for the first time? Paleobotany, science that studies plant evolution, had to be re-written.

Did you know... that, thanks to the research of DOLOMYTHOS many dinosaurs remains (like Megachirella wachtleri or Rhyncosaurus) have been discovered? Furthermore different types of dinosaurs like Sphingopus ladinicus have been found and these show how the first dinosaurs developed.

Did you know... that Michael Wachtler, the creator and director of DOLOMYTHOS, has received honors because of his merits and discoveries on Megachirella wachtleri, predecessor of snakes and lizards and plants like Wachtleria, Wachtlerina or Wachtleropteris.

Did you know... that, thanks to he research of DOLOMYTHOS, the famous “Fossillagerstätte Piz de Peres” has been discovered? The “Fossillagerstätte” includes paleontological sites which are characterized by a great number of high qualified and exclusive fossils.

Did you know... that DOLOMYTHOS has created the most important show about the history of Dolomites? No other museum has so many original reports which describe the origin/formation of these mountains.

Did you know... that DOLOMYTHOS is the most visited museum of Dolomites? His high points are the reconstruction of the origin/formation od Dolomites, their history, legends end myths. The treasure-hunt is dedicated to children, which introduce them in the research and discover.

Did you know... that DOLOMYTHOS has given his name to “Culturonda Dolomythos”. The cultural guide offers a large point of view about Dolomites, about population‘s traditions and their history. Here are illustrated the most beautiful and typical places which are protected by UNESCO.

Did you know... that DOLOMYTHOS contains too the most exclusive shop regarding Dolomites. Here you can find a lot of literary and didactic materials, typical handcrafts and many other specialities. Furthermore you can find the Dolomythos-Stube too.

Did you know... that important remains, collected by Michael Wachtler, and used for the first scientific description, were given to the most European Museums. Because of cultural humanity heritage they are part of a vast collection and are one of the most significantly treasure in the world.

Megachirella wachtleri

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