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The biggest Dolomite-Museum

DoloMythos - The Natural Heritage of Humanity Museum  

San Candido - Pedestrian zone Open all the year round Visit the Dolomites and their unique beauty NEW!

Das grösste Dolomitenmuseum

The biggest museum about the Dolomites

It will take you from the mysterious world of myths and legends to the bottom of our existence. “Megachirella wachtleri”, the ancient ancestor of today‘s snakes and lizards. The mysterious evolution of plants. Cavern bears in the Dolomites.

Opening hours and prices

Opening hours & Prices

Open all the year round
8 am – 7 pm. Daily
Closed: 1 November and 25 December

Family Card 25,00 Euro


Underground Christmas Market


Underground Christmas Market

Pedestrian street - Innichen - San Candido
29 November 2019 – 06 January 2020
8 am – 7 pm. Daily


Highlights Dolomythos


Dolomites - World Heritage
Megachirella wachtleri: The ancestor of snakes and lizards
The dawn of dinosaurs
The biggest gold finding in the Alps
The birth of a paradise
Nature that cures


Dolomythos and children

Dolomythos and children

Treasure hunting
What can you find
Dinosaur-World Dolomites
Myths, legends and the Dolomythos-Cinema


Special exhibition

Special exhibition

The dying mountains
The biggest gold finding in the Alps




History of the Dolomites
The most beautiful fairytales
Dolomites - Crystal Treasures
Dinosaur world
Dolomiti - The Birth of a Landscape
Treasure Search
DoloMythos Shop
Dolomythos Cafè


Did you know

Did you know...

... that in the last years, thanks to the research of DOLOMYTHOS, more than 100 plants have been discovered for the first time? Paleobotany, science that studies plant evolution, had to be re-written.


Books and documentaries

Books & documentaries

New books:
Permian - Birth of a New World
The First World War in the Alps
The Flowering of Angara
Triassic Fossil Plants
Permian Fossil Plants


Contact and Arrival

Contact & Arrival

Association DoloMythos
Via Rainer 11
I-39038 San Candido (BZ)
Tel. +39 0474 913462
Fax +39 0474 913092
VAT ID IT92017210219


Partner Culturonda Dolomythos


DoloMythos - Encyclopedia

Dolomythos - Underground Christmas Market

Megachirella wachtleri
The history of discovery

The origin of angiosperms

Unesco World Natural Heritage
The Dolomites

Megachirella wachtleri
the ancestor of snakes and lizards

The First World War
in the Dolomites

New Discoveries
Fossil Plants, dinosaurs


Dolomythos - Museum
P.-P.-Rainerstr. 11,
I-39038 Innichen (BZ)
VAT ID IT02608410219

Tel. +39 0474 913462
Fax +39 0474 913092

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