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10 years Dolomites World Heritage
Dolomites: The history of discovery

The ‘discovery’ of the Dolomites can be dated back to 1789 when the French scientist Dčodat de Dolomieu, traveling through South Tyrol, reported the finding of a distinguishing rock which, after an analysis, turned out be a new mineral. Subsequently, to pay homage to his discoverer, this unknown mineral was given the name Dolomite. Beginning in the late 18th Century, the Dolomite Mountains in Northern Italy have been the location for major sedimentological developments, from the discovery of the mineral dolomite to the formulation of the coral-reef hypothesis to explain the origin of the massive dolomite structures that define the splendid scenery of the region.

Very quickly they became a noteworthy destination for scientists and researchers which could directly observe really unique geological phenomena. The Dolomites clearly document the evolution of the earth’s history, in particular the interval between the Upper Permian and the Triassic (between 270 and 200 million years ago). Here you can admire fossil reefs and tropical environments of the Mesozoic, the resurgence of life after the dramatic extinction occurred 251 million years ago, as well as the intense volcanic activity. Walking around the Dolomites means visiting an ancient lagoon and descending escarpments once submerged by a very deep sea.

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Eusaurosphargis dalsassoi. A new and important reptile discovery made by Michael Wachtler in the Braies Dolomites

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Megachirella wachtleri
The history of discovery

The origin of angiosperms

Unesco World Natural Heritage
The Dolomites

Megachirella wachtleri
the ancestor of snakes and lizards

The First World War
in the Dolomites

New Discoveries
Fossil Plants, dinosaurs


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