DoloMythos Museum | San Candido, Val Pusteria

The Dolomite Museum for the whole family

Welcome to the DoloMythos Museum in San Candido. Are you ready for a little time-travel? It takes you from the mysterious world of myths and legends deep into the origins of our being.

Get ready for a tour of discovery. The exhibition is exciting. Some highlights: Megachirella wachtleri, ancestor of all snakes and lizard! Fossilised landscapes and the dinosaurs of the Dolomites! The mysterious ascent of plants! Crystal treasures are other interesting topics. The largest gold find in the Alps! A treasure hunt for the children!

World of wonders Dolomites: A visit that is worth to see it

  • THE Museum of World Heritage
  • Directly in the pedestrian zone of San Candido
  • Open all year round (until 25.12.)
  • The most important museum of the Dolomites
  • Large area for children
  • Extensive background information
Wonderful world of the Dolomites

You will find

Exciting events

Numerous highlights on just as many dates bring variety to the museum year.


Exciting events

Adventure world for children

From the Dino exhibition to moving legends ofthe Dolomites to the exciting treasure hunt: a visit to the DoloMythos is also an unforgettable experience for children.

Adventure world

Discover for children

Numerous uniqueness

The DoloMythos exhibition is full of interesting discoveries. Are you ready for a little voyage into the past?



Worth knowing

DoloMythos is not only an exhibition or museum, but also a research center. We contribute to the scientific research of the Dolomites and their heritage.

Worth knowing