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Flora Eterna and the ancient world of trees and flowers

The special show offers insights into the ancient world of plants and shows how climate catastrophes changed the world.

Flora Eterna – Magic of plants

Many plants exist almost completely unchanged for more than 300 million years. They are still widely used by people today: for medicinal purposes or in the kitchen. The Dolomites in particular are considered a paradise for the exploration and discovery of ancienta floras.

(With the film: Healing Nature)

The magic of plants

Great Climate Catastrophes

Nowhere else in the world than in the Dolomites the huge disasters of Earth´s history can be traced back. 300 million years ago entire continents were devastated by forest fires, 250 million years ago volcanic eruptions almost eradicated all life. Not so long ago, ice ages buried all life under thick ice sheets. And today we are struggling with climate change. Impressive testimonies and films illustrate the change of landscape.

Climate catastrophes of the past - birth of new worlds