Many fascinating exhibitions

Diverse and exciting exhibitions

DoloMythos is the largest and most important museum of the Dolomites. Over the years, an extensive show has been created, in which all aspects of the world heritage are covered!

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Exhibitions sections:

History of the Dolomites

  • The Ladinian
  • Dolomieu
  • The turism
  • Big researchers
  • Conquering the mountains

Dinosaur world

  • The world of the Permian reptiles
  • Megachirella wachtleri, the ancestor of snakes and lizards
  • Wachtlerosaurus, the reptile of the Dolomites
  • The world of marine saurians
  • Triassic Park
  • Parasphingopus, the dinosaur ancestor

Dolomites – The Birth of a Landscape

  • The mother of al catastrophes
  • The world of prehistorical plants
  • When the Dolomites were at the equator
  • Volcanoes change the landscape
  • A tropical sea and its living creatures
  • Cave bears of the Conturines

The most beautiful fairytales

  • The Pale Mountains
  • Aurona, the land of gold
  • Croderes, the men of stone
  • Samblana, the snow queen
  • Giant Haunold
  • The Venetians
  • Amulet and Talisman

Flora Eterna

  • Magic of plants

Dolomiten – Crystal Treasures

  • Dolomite and calcite
  • Crystal and Ice
  • Garnet and Precious Stone
  • Gold and diamonds
  • Birth from the vulcanos

The chamber of wonders

  • The world of herbs and healing Nature
  • Popular belief


  • War in the Alps

Treasure searching

  • An adventure for old and young visitors

DoloMythos Cafè and Botanic-Bistro

  • Culture and cuisine